Get paid easily with online invoicing

Whether you provide a service, sell goods, have a website or not, it’s now a lot easier to send or schedule professional invoices to your customers around the world with PayPal Invoices.

Do more with IDRT Invoicing

Send invoices in seconds

  • Create professional, custom invoices easily
  • Send the invoice or share a link via email to one or multiple customers

Schedule invoices for future dates

  • Send your invoices on a recurring date and time
  • Have your invoices sent automatically

Manage and track invoices

  • Accept partial payments (deposits & instalments)
  • Get paid in 25 currencies from over 200 countries, regions or markets

How PayPal Invoicing works

Sending an invoice with PayPal is easy.

  1. Create a personalized invoice with your customer’s details
  2. Preview the invoice and share the link or invoice via email
  3. Get paid via a bank account, credit or debit card

Schedule your invoices ahead of time

With the new scheduled invoicing feature, you can plan and have your invoices sent automatically every month. That means one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on building your business.

Schedule an invoice now

It’s easy to schedule an invoice

1. Enter your business’ and customer’s information, job and cost details.

2. Preview your invoice and schedule a future date for it to be sent out.

3. Complete the remaining details and when you’re done, select Save and Schedule.

APIs that integrate invoicing with your business seamlessly

From tracking payments to sending reminders to your customers about overdue payments, and other management functions, you can automate your invoicing workflow easily.

Use our invoicing APIs

Sending an invoice is free

With a PayPal Business account, it’s free to send your own personalized invoices. You only pay a small fee when you receive a payment.

More about merchant fees

It’s never been easier to bill your customers